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The agenda to prevent child sexual abuse is built on the model of the four preconditions to child sexual abuse (Finkelhor). Precondition #1 is that an individual who has sexual feelings toward children is present. The reasons for the need to have sex with children are numerous and CPTCSA has […]

How do we prevent child sexual abuse?

Our treatment services include: Assessment Individual counseling for victims Group counseling for victims Individual counseling for young sex offenders Group counseling for young sex offenders Holistic treatment services of child sexual abuse victims include individual, group and family counseling. Counseling services are conducted within CPTCSA counseling-focused facilities or facilitating organizations […]

How do we treat child abuse victims?

The goal of the Learning Institute is to provide quality information and practical professional skills for the prevention and treatment of child sexual abuse, the victims, and the young offenders with a focus on social workers. Comprehensive training courses are provided by professionals for child protection professionals through Annual Summer […]

CPTCSA as a learning institute