What is CPTCSA ?

The Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse (CPTCSA) is a non-profit, non-government child focused institution working towards a safe world for children free from sexual abuse and exploitation.


The CPTCSA opened its doors for service in February 1995 after more than a year of research in preparation. The founding board membership was Dr. Reynaldo Lesaca, Jr., Dr. Leah Paquiz, Justice Luciano, Ms. Irene Fonacier Fellizar, Sr. Beatrice Bais, Fr. Dixie Tacolbao. Ms. Til Fullerton and Ms. Lois J. Engelbrecht. The goal of this group of professionals was to fill the gap in services that at the time focused on the foreign sex trade with little awareness of abuse within the homes and communities. Non-formal research conducted within certain schools and agencies indicated that more than 30% of our children were experiencing some form of sexual abuse by people they know.

In 1995 we opened with one full time, one part time, and one consultant staff. Today the agency hires 2 full time social workers who focus on prevention, two full time social workers who focus on treatment, one full time social worker as the executive director, and two full time staff who focus on administration and finances. Our board is a strategic working board who provide consultation and support when needed.

The CPTCSA operates within the social work person-in-environment model of holistic individual counseling and case management services. The CPTCSA abide by the Social Work Code of Ethics and a Child Protection Policy. We are licensed by the DSWD, SEC, BIR, and a member of the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect.

Our services are advocacy to build protective policies and laws, prevention to build safe communities, treatment to counsel victims and families as well as young offenders, and research and training to build the social work profession.

CPTCSA cannot work alone. Instead, we are building a movement that invites all to participate to ask critical questions that confront present attitudes and behaviors to make real changes to create a safe world.


Our mission is to lead in the education and implementation of child centered prevention and treatment of sexual abuse.

How do we work to achieve this mission?

1.  CPTCSA works to develop and implement a comprehensive program of services for the prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation.

2. CPTCSA provides holistic healing and rehabilitation services for both victims and sexually abusive youth.

3. CPTCSA works to increase the level of awareness of sexual abuse in families, communities, and duty bearers through education and advocacy.

4. CPTCSA produces highly competent and motivated staff and volunteers through career development programs and opportunities

Our vision is a safe world where children are free from sexual abuse

How do we work to achieve this vision?

1. CPTCSA initiates collaboration among stakeholders to launch massive information and education campaigns for the protection of children from sexual abuse. Examples are:

    • a) A Department of Education mandated program on personal safety in all schools that teaches children, their teachers and schools, and parents and communities about child protection, increasing capacity to keep our children safe.
    • b) Work with a wide network of government and private organizations and personalities that support and advocate the protection of children to change attitudes and behaviors that decrease protection and strengthen attitudes and behaviors that protect children.
    • c) Use of the media to spread all messages that increase child protection, including the annual National Awareness Week for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation held each second week of February.
    • d) Work with the Department of Social Welfare and Development to increase their capacity in prevention and holistic case management and treatment.


2.  CPTCSA provides innovative, holistic abuse-focused treatment within holistic case management (multidisciplinary approach) that includes rehabilitation, medical and legal services for sexually abused children, young sex offenders and their families. Examples are:

    • a) CPTCSA is a financially viable organization that has varied sources of revenue through both revenue-generating activities and a strong donor base to provide treatment free when necessary.
    • b) A credible training and resource center that has (i) a highly
    • competent pool of professional trainers, counselors and experienced staff, (ii) up-to-date international and Filipino literature and publications on information relevant to child sexual abuse, (iii) access to available facilities for training, prevention and treatment, research, counseling, and appropriate legal and case management.
    • c) A visionary leadership, motivated staff and dedicated volunteers.
    • d) Services with compassion, integrity and excellence.